get out of bed

Well hello Monday!You see as I said that, I almost convinced myself that the weather was wonderful and all was right with the world! But alas, the weather is awful!It may not freezing cold but so grey it makes you want to stay in bed ALL day, which if I’m honest, I almost did, had it not been those pesky little, sweet, sometimes crazy, kids that I call my own!


Anyone would think I hate Monday mornings, but truth be told, its one of my favourite days after Friday and Saturday! Mondays offer us a brand new start to a new week and if there’s one thing I lurve, its all things new! New notepads, new skin care routines ( which by the way I have just started!)new pen sets, new babies, new car smells and obviously new clothes! But what I love the most is new ideas! And it wouldn’t make sense for me to talk about new things if I didn’t talk about my new idea for my blogging! It’s a new way to keep myself accountable to you (the other person I pray is on the other end of the screen!).

So here is my new commitment to you o faithful reader; I will be blogging EVERY Monday (one of my favourite days and all that jazz)!!!

But not only will I be giving you all my new thoughts/ideas/rants/melt-downs, but I will use this to post up any follow up notes from the NWM meetings I would have held the previous Friday.

So to the girl who wants to know what NWM is all about or what types of things we discuss, I pray that these follow up notes would give you a little insight to who we are and what we do and maybe encourage you come along one evening???

We will see!

So of course, we met up for NWM on Friday evening and with a message titled “Heart 2 Heart” there was no doubt a lot discuss.

One of the key things we were talking about was the importance of having a regular spiritual check up. We all know the importance of having a physical check up every now and then to ensure our bodies are ticking correctly, but so many of us fail to see the importance of checking our spiritual health to ensure that we are going in the right direction and on course to a healthy destination.Truth be told, our spiritual condition will go on to affect our physical health so why not get to the real issues by tackling the most important thing first?


So what areas should we be assessing during our spiritual check up?

Our Heart: We need to ensure that our hearts are open to God through His Word and His counsel. But sometimes we become so hardened through our experiences and our ideologies that it becomes impossible for Him to work in or through us. We need to make sure our hearts are malleable (able to be hammered or pressed into shape, impressionable, compliant or submissive) when it comes to God and our relationship with Him. Remember, a heart turned in towards God will begin to reflect on the outside. If you don’t believe me, then read Exodus 34:29-35 MSG. Not only was Moses well respected in the community for His relationship with God, but also his face glowed as a result His intimacy with God. Who doesn’t want their skin to glow?

Our Thoughts: What we give our attention to will show up in our life. If outwardly we are all prim, proper and perfect, but our thought life is polluted with pornographic images from the night before, then give it time, it will soon begin to manifest itself in more ways than we could ever imagine. That’s why we need to be more cautious about what we allow into our ear and eye gates. What we feed the most will be the strongest thing after all. Proverbs 4:23 AMP makes it clear that we ought to guard our hearts so remember, what we allow through these gates are the things we deemed safe enough for our hearts. Can you honestly say that everything you have allowed in your ear and eye gates is beneficial?

Our Words: As we begin to cleanse our hearts, we will begin to see the connection it has to the words that we speak. Your thoughts are no doubt revealed in your conversations. Psalm 119: 1 AMP talks about the blessings that await those whose conversations are in line with God as opposed to being gossip filled and laden with lies. It takes discipline to be able to curb our conversation but as I have learnt recently; Discipline may weigh ounces but regret from a careless word weighs a ton! Which you rather have?

Our Actions: When we work all three of these areas and then come up with a plan for our actions, we are taking control over the stubborn areas of our lives and submitting them to God as an offering. Sometimes though, we try to work on our actions first and as we discussed on Friday, this is often one of the biggest mistakes we can make. God doesn’t want performance filled relationship. He wants truth and honesty. And the good thing is, we can start from where we are if we would give Him our heart. He can shape something beautiful from the present chaos in our lives. (Psalm 51:7-17 MSG)

If there is only ONE thing that we take away from this blog post or even fridays meeting, then let it be this; Keep Showing Up! What I mean is that, this is a process, its all part of the journey that is life. So we shouldn’t expect our hearts to be changed over night. But what we should know is that by faith He is working in and on us to make us the very best that He has seen each one of us become. If we would hold on to this precious promise, we will be fit and ready for any good work that he predestined us for. (2 Timothy 2:21 AMP)

cleansing the skin

Just like my new facial routine that I have started, my spiritual cleansing will not be evident straight away. I will have some bumps along the way and face major disappointments with myself. However, if I am consistent in my efforts as a renewed heart and I Keep Showing Up, then He will come alongside me and be the help that I need.

Now go and get YOUR check up! xxx

wise homer