So last week, myself and some other great ladies got together to have our fortnightly women’s only bible study, NWM. It tends to be one of the highlights of my week when we are able to gather together to discuss ways in which we can better represent the ONE name that can change any situation, circumstance or problem; JESUS. During Friday’s meeting, we were looking at some of the ways we sometimes, without realising it, allow religion to take the place of real and authentic relationship. And as a result, we end up frustrated, depleted and not to mention, fruitless.

jesus is my saviour I don’t know about you, but I have found myself trying to “work” my way into God’s good books. I would get so annoyed simply because rather than asking God what He required of me, I would go around and round in circles doing what I thought He wanted me to. More than anything, God just requires a willing spirit. More than the 40 day fasts, the over night vigils or any other spiritual box we believe requires a tick, God just wants us to be PRESENT.

So often, we run out of steam pursuing the dreams and the visions that God has placed on the inside of us because rather than going to Him, we choose to map out our own plan and path and that usually takes us in the opposite direction required to reach the perfect destination. Just ask the Israelites!! They would, if they could, tell you how silly they must have felt to allow an 11 day journey to take 40 years!

need help There are so many things that take us off course. But there is ONE way to remain on the right track: HIS WAY. The good thing about His way is that it doesn’t require much. Below are just a few of the things we discussed at Friday’s meeting. Have a read and I hope it helps.


Pause: If we don’t stop and PAUSE every now and then to breath in what God has to say, we miss out. Practically applying this, why not daily take out a moment to BREATH as you meditate on the goodness of God. Think about His faithfulness during a recent time of anxiety or hardship. As you do this, let it be the refueling you need for the day ahead. A great time to do this would deffo’ be in the morning!

need direction

Crave: We were created to crave but because we are so busy craving after ALL things but God, we end up frustrated wondering why these pursuits have not filled that void in our souls. To crave simply means to have a strong desire for something. What are your strongest desires? If it isn’t Him, that may be the answer to your frustration!

Quit: I know, this sounds like an oxymoron to making progress, but I think sometimes we just need to quit what we are doing in order to let HIM do what He needs to do. When I say quit, I mean, QUIT trying to work your way in to heaven. If God required us to work our way in to righteousness, then what would be the difference between our faith and any false religion out there? Christianity is not a religion. It’s FAITH. It’s a lifestyle.  And it’s the way of LIVING. Religion is not alive and active. Religion represents the separation between man and God but our Faith in Christ represents the reconciliation between God and Mankind.


Let go of every false hope that religion provides and embrace God’s way. Grace was a gift given that could never be earned. Rest in it!

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